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Key elements; Areas for influencing the Budget

By Julius Kapwepwe


 22nd February, 2020

Presentation Outline

  • Budget basics- Terminology & Concepts
  • The Legal, Policy & Institutional frameworks
  • The Budget process
  • Citizens participation & Areas for Influencing ..

Understanding the Budget – Terminology … Concepts …..2

¨Gender-responsive Budgeting/ Gender Budgeting

¨Planning and Budgeting …for What/ Why?

  • Planning- basically means setting priorities and targets- to achieve socio-economic objectives e.g.;
  • Improving welfare of Citizens; Solving poverty; Regional balance, Reduce Income gaps;
  • Investment & growth- for wealth creation; 
  • Develop (strategic) Sectors e.g. Tourism, Health; Education; Comply with Regional & Intern. commitments.
  • Planning: Short-term (e.g. Annual Budgets); Medium-term (e.g. NDP, DDP, S/C DP); Long-term(V. 2030).

The Legal, Policy & Institutional framework for Budgeting

  • 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda (as amended): CAP 9- Articles 155-158 for Central Govt, Articles 190-197 for LGs;
  • The Local Govts Act, 1997 (as amended) –  CAP 243 section 77/ MoLG;
  • The Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), 2015/ MoFPED;
  • Planning guides by National Planning Authority/ NPA; Equal Opportunities Commission about Gender & Equity/ EOC, etc.

LGs & Municipalities Budget Cycle…

  • A Local Government budget is the detailed costed plan of how a Local Government intends to get Revenue, Allocate and Utilize available resources in line with its development objectives (priorities). 
  • LGs & Municipalities have a level of discretionary planning and budgeting powers, but their plans and budgets must be aligned to National, plus Sector investment policies and priorities. 
  • So, the Budget Cycle of LGs & Municipalities must fit into the National budgeting cycle; they start in October and end in June of the following Year.

Selected Entry points for CSOs Budget Advocacy & what it takes …..

  • Educate yourself about the 1995 Constitution of Uganda, some Laws and Policies (e.g. NDP, for Sectors) ……to claim and exercise your Rights; e.g.
  • Article 17- Responsible Parenthood, Patriotism, Standing against Misuse & Wastage of public resources; Pay taxes and follow your money;
  • Article 176 (2) (e) appropriate measures shall be taken to enable local government units to plan, initiate & execute policies in respect of all matters affecting the people within their jurisdiction.
  • Art. 38 (1) Every Ugandan has the rights to participate in the affairs of Govt individually or through his or her representative in accordance with the law (2) Every Ugandan has a right to participate in peaceful activities to influence policies of Government through civic organizations
  • Know & participate (with evidence-based content & Context) to influence the planning & budgeting process in your reach/ area;
  • Have Budget documents (e.g. DDPs, Sector Budgets, National Budgets, District budgets-  
  • Know Your Leaders (Politicians & Technocrats): Contacts- RDC, CAO, DISO, District Planner, MPs, Councilors, Speakers, Clerks, Chairpersons of Committees, LC III Chairperson, SAS, Sub- Accountant, CDO, DEO, etc.
  • Critical mass of people concerned: Have numbers with you …
  • Budget Monitoring, analysis, etc…after Break………

END of presentation 

How to analyze public budgets

February 25, 2020


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