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We traveled from Nakuru – Kitale and then onwards to Tangul in Elgeyo Marakwet. 

From Kitale – Sibanga – Cherangani – Kapcherop- Kabiego – Tangul. This is a trip of 88.2 kilometres. Upon arrival at Tangul Primary School we embarked on a journey on foot for a total of 16 kilometres including return. 

It was a mountain-climbing expedition. There were many steep hills along the way which we scaled successfully. 

Tangul – Eldoret trip 

On our return we took a different route. At Makutano, we tool the tarmac road to Cheptongei – Bukar – Kuruka Farm- Sergoit and then to Eldoret town where we arrived at 8 pm on Saturday. We were tired but happy that we had demonstrated our solidarity with the Sengwer indigenous people. 

It was a trip worth undertaking, because we meet the members of Sengwer indigenous community at their usual meeting place at KAPKOK glade.


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Sharing is Caring:

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