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Novak Djokovic is exploring the possibility of suing the Australian government for Ksh. 494 million for ‘ill treatment.”


The tennis star who is unvaccinated alleged that he had a visa exemption but was deported and hence missed the Australian Open.



He may be seeking to be paid damages to the tune of Ksh. 494 million which comprises of the Ksh. 355 million prize money the No. 1 tennis player was expected to have won during the Australian Open tournament.


The Sun of the UK reported that a reliable source close to his agent Edoardo Artladi stated that: “It’s well known that Novak and his family feel he was poorly treated in the quarantine hotel in Melbourne.



“His mother revealed how it was full of fleas and maggots. He was kept a virtual prisoner.”



“He was subjected to humiliating treatment. He should sue,” said lawyer Tom Fila.



Novak Djokovic returned to his home in Belgrade, Serbia.


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