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The latest on Russia Ukraine war, a young recruit shot his commander at close range on Monday in the ongoing mobilization of soldiers following Putin’s announcement to mobilize 300,000 soldiers who will help him escalate the war in Ukraine. The commander was taken to a nearby medical facility to receive intensive care.


Majority of Russians are against the mobilization process and protests are being experienced all over Russian streets. The shooting made it clear that even those being recruited are being forced against their will. Over 2000 people have been arrested for being involved in protests.

The mass grave found in liberated Kharkiv
The mass grave found in liberated Kharkiv

The man identified as Ruslan Zinin, was among others in an enlisting facility waiting to be taking to a military base on Tuesday. Some of the mobilized soldiers have already reported to various military bases where they are expected to acquire basic combat skills.


However, there are concerns that the skills gained by these young recruits won’t help them much in the war. According to analysts, recruits need more than 2 year to gains enough experience to be exposed in war front line.


On the other hand, then ongoing referendum that started on Friday is expected to be concluded today. Russia urged some regions in Ukraine to vote so that after poll results, they would be recognized as integral parts of Russia and no one would ever try to lay a finger on them.


The voting exercise was not democratic because election officials were moving door to door with guns, forcing residents to vote in their favor or else have a bullet in their head. This discouraged the residents and majority moved to safer places.


On the other hand, some Russian residents have gathered in airports with a move to cross over Russian borders into other countries.

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