New Zealand confirmed two new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, ending a 25-day spell without any new cases, the Daily Nation reports.

The two patients arrived in the country from United Kingdom, the health authorities said.

A statement read: “The ministry can confirm today two new cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand related to the border as a result of recent travel from the UK. Both cases are connected.

New Zealand borders remain open only to Kiwis returning home and they have to undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine.

The South Pacific country has a total of 5 million people. A total of 22 coronavirus deaths have been recorded.

Last week, the country started life without restrictions after health authorities confirmed that there were no active cases.

On Monday Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she had not declared the country virus-free because ‘’New Zealand will have new cases again in the future’’.

“Of course, our hope and expectation is that should be at the border… if they’ve quarantined, of course, that’s a very different story than in the community,” she said, adding “it’s an ongoing campaign”.

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