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The scientists used the first-ever supercomputer climate models of the future. This happened at the University of Bristol in UK. They predicted how extreme climates would intensify after the merge of the continents as we know them in the world. Once they merge, they will form one ‘super continent” to be known as Pangea Ultima.

The process would be very hot and dry and no human or animal will survive. Humans and mammals are not evolved enough to bear with the prolonged exposure to excessive heat.

Research have predicted that the formation of a new “supercontinent” could wipe out humans and all other malls in 250 million years.

The researchers simulated humidity, wind, rain and temperature trends for the formation of super-continent to happen. They also used ocean chemistry, tectonic movement and levels of carbon dioxide.

They discovered that the formation of the new super continent, Pangea Ultima, would lead to high levels of carbon dioxide, regular volcanic eruptions and increased warming of the planet. The sun is also expected to be brighter hence warming the earth. The research paper was published on Monday on the Nature Geoscience Journal.


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