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The Prime Minister of Sao Tome, Patrice Trovada, survived an attempted coup yesterday Nov 25.

Patrice Trovada stated that 4 men, including a former President of National Assembly Delfim Neves were planning to attack the army headquarters overnight.  Those behind the planned attack were arrested.


A resident of Sao Tome stated that he heard “automatic and heavy weapons fire, as well as explosions, for two hours inside the army headquarters” in the capital city.


In a video received by AFP, Sao Tome’s PM, was seen seated at a desk saying that he wanted to reassure the “international community and general population of the country.  

He said; 


There was an attempted coup d’etat which began around 00:40 am and… ended shortly after 6 am. The armed forces were attacked in the barracks.


“The situation in the barracks is under control, but we must be sure that the country is completely under control.” 


Sao Tome and Principe were colonized by the Portuguese. The country is found off the western equatorial coast of Africa. The country has been relatively stable politically. The last time they had an attempted coup was in 2003 against President Fradique de Menezes.


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