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Lawyer Miguna Miguna has finally found his way to home country after being in exile for over five year. He was sent to exile by former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government after illegally swearing in Raila Odinga in the 2017.


The new government lead by President William Ruto ensured him a passport that will enable him travel into the country.

He wrote on social media claiming he did not sign any documents as earlier required by former regime.


 “1687 days after Uhuru Kenyatta, @RailaOdinga, Fred Matiang’i, @Karanjakibicho and  @GKihalangwa CONSPIRED to illegally SEIZE and DESTROYED my Kenyan Passport, President  @WilliamsRuto has had a new one DELIVERED to me. Waiting for the LIFTING of RED ALERTS,” Miguna wrote on Twitter.


“I didn’t have to sign the silly forms they were speaking about.” He added.


Miguna Miguna was required by Uhuru Kenyatta’s government to fill a citizen re-registration form.


The Cabinet Secretary of Internal Security in Uhuru’s Government, Fred Matiang’I, claimed that Miguna Miguna had lost his citizenship after violating the constitution.


“You have to fill a piece of paper so that you regain your Kenyan passport or citizenship. There’s a judgment by the court on this matter which prescribed clearly how you regain your citizenship,” Matiang’I said.


He added: “There are court rulings in place by the high court on how you regain citizenship after you lost citizenship in the old constitution. Because in the old constitution you were not allowed to have dual citizenship.”

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