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Saulos Chilima, Vice President of Malawi, has been arrested by the anti-corruption agency on charges of corruption. He is reported to have taken bribes in exchange for award of government contracts.

Saulos Chilima allegedly received $280,000 from a British business mogul as well as “other items.”


Zuneth Sattar, the UK businessman is also under arrest in the United Kingdom. The business misused his connections with powerful people in the Malawi government to receive contracts to supply goods and services. The British businessman has denied any wrong doing.


According to a report by the Financial Times, the contracts covered armored vehicles for security agencies, food and water cannons.


The VP is expected to appear in court where he will be charged with 3 counts of corrupt charges.


The Vice President ascended to power in 2020 when he served as a running mater of President Lazarus Chakwera. In the past he was campaigning as an anti-corruption crusader. He was making promises such as ending corruption which has negatively affected Malawi governments for decades. He also promised to end poverty in Malawi.


After Saulos Chilima was named in corruption reports, the President stripped him of all powers in June 2022. Malawi constitution dictates that the President cannot remove or suspend a Vice President because he is an elected official.


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