The minimum pay for employees at Lidl in UK is £10.10 which is KES 1,529 per hour. 


If a worker puts in 22 days of 8 hours per day, she or he will take home KES 269,104. 


According to reliable reports, many parts of the UK economy are facing labour shortages. 


Lidl currently has 850 stores across the UK and aims at increasing the number to 1,000 by the end of 2023. 


In contrast, larger supermarkets in the UK are paying £9.50 per hour which is approximately KES 1,438 in Kenyan currency. 


The pay rise is expected to cost Lidl a total equivalent to KES 2.7 billion and this will not be passed down to final consumers. It is part of the supermarket’s investment in the United Kingdom. 


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