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Second Richest man in Asia, Li ka Shing

The second richest man in Asia is retiring from management of his business empire. Currently, his net-worth is $35.3 billion.

Mukesh Ambani of India is the only richest person than Li in the entire Asian continent.

Li Ka-Shing of Hong Kong is a rags-to-riches story since he started sweeping floors at factories at a young age.

He was one of the pioneer Taiwanese to invest in Chinese mainland where he owns substantial  amounts of wealth.

His nickname, ‘superman’ was adopted due to his financial and business success.

Li Ka-Shing Investments & Assets

  1. Airline leasing companies
  2. Excess of 50 ports in 26 countries worldwide
  3. Telecoms including Hutchinson Telecommunications based in Hong Kong and 3 Group based in Europe.
  4. Utilities such as Australian Gas Networks and United Kingdom’s Northumbrian Water
  5. Retail businesses which include pharmacy stores in United Kingdom and Asia

After retirement Li Ka-Shing will stay on as an advisor for CK Asset Holdings and CK Hutchison Holdings which have operations in 50 countries across the world. In his payroll are 300,000 people.

His two largest companies boost of a market capitalization totaling to $80 billion. Mr. Li is a great philanthropist having donated “tens of billions” of dollars towards educational and medical projects around the world.

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