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LeBron James has become the first NBA player to make $1 billion while still active in the sport. 


The news comes after Space Jam: A New Legacy, which James starred in and produced, enjoyed a whopping $31.6 million in revenue its opening weekend.


According to Sportico, James has earned $330 million in his playing salary alone since being recruited in 2003. He has further, made another $700 million off the court through licensing, endorsements deals, media production company – SpringHill Co. – and merchandise.


Currently, he has endorsement deals with companies such as AT&T, Walmart, Beats Electronics, GMC, Blaze Pizza, Nike, Rimowa which generate an excess of $100 million per year.


 In comparison, Michael Jordan is current worth around $2 billion, much of which was earned after his legendary NBA career. 


James is the first active NBA player to earn an excess of $1 billion. 

James now joins the likes of Tiger Woods, Christiano Ronaldo,  Roger Federer and Floyd Mayweather in a league of athletes who have made $1 billion while active in sports. 


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