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Virgin Galactic Crash. Source: Getty Images

Speculations are high that the recent crash was caused by pilot error. 
The crash of this spacecraft sends fears to those tycoons who were preparing to make a flight to space. We will keep our eyes open see whether the people who had booked seat for the flight will change their mind. 
Potential Space Tourists   
Lady Gaga is one of the people expected to accompany other world millionaires in the anticipated space flight. She was expected to perform during the historical space flight.Now she has changed her mind. She will not accompany them to outer space. 

This means that the venue of her wedding has automatically changed from outer space to somewhere on earth. 
During the flight, Lady was planning to tie the knot with her boyfriend Taylor Kinney whom she has been dating since 2011. 

Lady Gaga was spotted shopping for a wedding dress accompanied with her mother.

The crash happened in Mojave Desert in California. 

This is what Richard Branson said after the crash:

“Sir Richard Branson has said he is determined to find out what went wrong’ with Virgin Galactic test flight in which one pilot died and the other was badly injured. US investigators are beginning a probe into why a Virgin Galactic space rocket crashed over California’s Mojave desert on a test flight.”
Reuters reported that the pilot involved with the space craft was Michael Alsbury aged 39 years old.
Experts have pointed out that the spacecraft that crashed was using a new type of rocket fuel. This was the first time it was being tried. The new fuel was identified as a nitrous oxide. This was revealed by George Whitesides, the Virgin Galactic CEO.
ABC news reported that, all people who paid $250,000 each for the space flight can have their money refunded. People who had bought tickets for future flights include Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher.
Virgin Galactic Spacecraft. Source: Wikimedia Commons
Mashable reported that over 700 space tourists are wondering what they will do with their tickets.
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