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News came out that British PM Truss had “ordered” the king not to attend the climate summit.


“With mutual friendship and respect there was agreement that the King would not attend,” the Palace stated.


Buckingham Palace has confirmed that King Charles III will not attend COP 27 which is scheduled to take place in Egypt next month.


The Sunday Times had earlier reported that the PM Liz Truss had ‘ordered’ the King not to attend.


Before ascending to the throne, the then Prince of Wales had indicated that he will attend the COP 27 summit in Egypt.


King Charles is known for his many decades of environmental campaigning around the world.


This is not the first time Charles is traveling to Egypt. Last November, he traveled to Egypt where he met President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to urge the regime on various issues


The king has history of deep commitment to environmental issues more especially campaigning to reduce the effects of climate change.


Last year he addressed the gathering at COP 26 in Glasgow when the annual summit was hosted by the United Kingdom.


Local MPs stated that King Charles III should be allowed to travel to Egypt considering that he is a “globally-respected voice” on climate change and his participation would add “serious authority” to the British delegation.


There might be tensions between the new king and the new Prime Minister.


“The suggestions this morning that he was ordered to stay away are simply not true,” a source told Times Radio.



“It is the normal course of matters that this would be handled by the government rather than by the monarchy.”


COP27 is a UN event which will be held at Sharma el-Sheikh from 8 to 16 November 2022.


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