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Kalonzo Musyoka has officially stepped on the opposition after a moment of silence to meditate poll results. Raila Odinga is yet to reveal his position in Kenyan politics but he is most likely going to join Kalonzo in mission to keep President Ruto’s government on toes.


Dr. Ruto assured that his government will have no jobs for the opposition. A only urged them to keep his government on track. Raila has been the main opposition leader in Kenya for years but after a handshake with former President Uhuru Kenyatta, his opposition fame declined.


In his first speech as the opposition, Kalonzo criticized President Ruto’s government for not lowering food prices as promised during campaigns.


He said “The first campaign promise (by Dr Ruto) was to lower prices of commodities. But the prices of unga and electricity have all gone up. Only yesterday, when Ruto was making his address, CBK (Central Bank of Kenya) was raising the base lending rate from 7.25 to 8.25.”


The wiper party leader also urged the new government to lower fuel prices. High fuel costs have been a major problem in the country but immediately after President Ruto was inaugurated, he dismissed subsidy programs.


He cited that the subsidy program added zero value and a burden to tax payers. On Sunday, he visited Homa Bay where he promised residents that he will address housing program. Homa Bay is Raila’s stronghold but according to analysis, this might be Dr. Ruto’s arrangements for the coming general elections.

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