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The Roots Party Presidential running mate Justina Wamae, cries to be fouled by the party’s presidential candidate George Wajackoyah.


The Roots Party Presidential flag bearer was captured in a video giving praises to Raila Odinga, who is the Azimio la Umoja Presidential candidate.


In accordance with the video, Wajackoyah revealed that he had worked with Mr. Odinga, Raila’s father, and would not mind working with the son.


Wajackoyah was in a night club at Kisumu with his supporters when he suddenly praised the ODM leader.


The praising has made Wamae hungry and she has given a promise that when it comes to taking sides, she will be behind the Deputy President William Ruto, who is the United Democratic Alliance Presidential candidate.

professor Wajackoyah

 “It is true there are allegations that my principal and party leader is supporting Azimio la Umoja candidate but we have not discussed that as a party, we have not agreed neither have I been consulted,” the Roots Party presidential running mate said. 


“If push comes to shove and we need to take a stand on who to support, out of the other three presidential candidates who are our worthy competitors, then I will support the contrary,” she added.


She also said that if the allegations are true, it was not the agreement that came from the party.


“Our supporters were asking which way and that is why I had to speak on this,” she said. 

Justina Wamae

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