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A judge in Zimbabwe who was declared wanted by the police over the brutal murder of his spouse has committed suicide in a church.


The late judge Evans Zinzombe, 36,  has been hiding from the security agencies after he killed his wife, Pholomina Mabika, 32, on December 7.


The judge strangled his wife and raped her in front of their children who are 12 and 7 years old respectively.  


A police spokesperson, Paul Nyathi, declared the judge wanted and he stated that:


“The Zimbabwe Republic Police is appealing for information which may lead to the arrest of Judge Evans Zinzombe (36), who is being sought in connection with a case of murder which occurred on 07th December 2022 at a house in Cowdray Park in Bulawayo.


“The suspect allegedly sneaked into the room where his wife Pholomina Mabika (32), daughter (12) and a son (7) before strangling her to death with hands.


“The suspect and his wife were reportedly having marital disputes which forced them to sleep in separate rooms.


“After the callous murder, the suspect allegedly went on to sexually abuse the body in full view of his children.


“The children spent the whole night with the body before a police report was made in the morning.


“The Zimbabwe Republic Police warns the public against resorting to violence in resolving domestic disputes.


“The police will ensure that the law takes its course on suspects involved in violent crimes such as murder and armed robbery.”



Judge Evans Zinzombe’s corpse was found hanging from the roof of a church in Bulawayo. The police released a statement to confirm the death of Zinzombe:  


“His body was found hanging from a metal roof truss at a local church in Cowdray Park.”


The police are currently treating the death as suicide.


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