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The Japanese have bid their final goodbye to the former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on July 12 as a family funeral was held at a temple days after he was shot on on neck and chest.  


Shinzo Abe is Japan’s longest-serving Prime Minister in Japan. He resigned two years ago and was shot on Friday as he delivered his campaign speech in  Nara City.



Hundreds of people thronged the Zojoji temple in Tokyo to bide farewell to Abe. Mourners shed tears, took photos with their phones and waved in the air as a hearse carrying the body passed by. The motorcade was accompanied by his widow, Akie Abe.



According to the Associated Press, the funeral was also attended by the current Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida and other senior party officials.


Previously, the hearse toured Tokyo’s political headquarters in Nagata-cho where Abe spent more than 30 years since his first election in 1991.



The motorcade passed by the headquarters where senior politicians lined up in dark suits to pay their last respect. Then the hearse headed to the Prime Minister’s Office where Abe served for nearly 10 years.



The assassination suspect, Tetsyua Yamagami, was arrested on Friday before he escaped from the spot where the former Prime Minister was shot.


Abe was the son of another earlier PM. In 2006 Abe became a PM at the youngest age in Japan, 52. He left after a year in office due to ill health but returned again in 2012.

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