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NASA lawyer and Senior Counsel James Orengo and other senior officials have have reported that Raila Odinga won the 2017 elections. The day for Swearing in the NASA leaders is drawing nearer. Today, National Super Alliance (NASA) made an expose.


The Opposition coalition made their announcements right from Intercontinental Hotel on City Hall Way. The expose was aimed at supporting the opposition’s claim that Raila Odinga was legitimately elected and hence should be sworn-in according to Siaya Senator and NASA lawyer, Senior Counsel James Orengo.


The folder containing the results was labeled “Election results 2017.” Major opposition luminaries attended the press conference and keenly listened to Mr. Godfrey Ososi (nominated Member of Parliament under ANC).


Godfrey Osasi has been a serious Information Technology (IT) practitioner for 16 years now. He led in releasing evidence that NASA won the 8 August, 2017 elections.


The video below has more details on NASA’s expose:

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