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Nyamira County is in a race for supremacy for political parties. 


Azimio la Umoja and Kenya Kwanza coalitions are up in arms against each other at the national level. This is also mirror image at the counties.


In Nyamira County,  the decision will be made between the two. Walter Nyambati  and his deputy Erneo Nyakiba are vying under Kenya Kwanza coalition. He will be battling it out with Timothy Bosire and Charles Rigoro are vying under Azimio la Umoja. This shows that the two coalitions have their candidates from Kitutu Masaba. 


There are other strong candidates vying for the governor’s position. Ben Momanyi and Tom Otuto are  eyeing for the sit on a wiper party ticket. Joseph Kiangoi and Julius Mokogi of ANC, Henry Ongeri and Josephine Buruchara, Mwancha Okioma and Charles Nyandiai of Jubilee, Misati and the incumbent governor, Amos Nyaribo and James Gesami are also seeking to win the gubernatorial seat.


When I was in Kitutu Masaba Constituency two weeks ago, the residents were raising concerns about failing to capture the three main positions despite having the largest number of voters in the county. 



It is stupidity of the highest order for Kitutu Masaba Constituency to field four candidates and expect to win the gubernatorial elections. This shows that we either have a gap in leadership or we are extremely greedy. 



Every candidate is sticking to his guns and they are not thinking as people of the same ancestor. The candidates are thinking of advancing the agenda of their political parties or coalitions. 


This is a clarion call for the people of Kitutu Masaba, is for you to put aside your selfish interest, you can win all major seats in Nyamira County. That is governor, Senator and Women representative positions. 


In my next article I will back up my claims with statistical evidence on how this is possible. 



Keep watching this space. 












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