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Issues emerging from vetting of Cabinet Secretaries in Kenya

The following is a summary of issues that emerged from the vetting of Cabinet Secretaries in Kenya.

Prof. Margret Kobia – Cabinet Secretary nominee for Public Service 

a) Prof. Margret Kobia pointed out that 86% of the civil service comprises of individuals from large tribes.

b) Only 19% of the civil service is made up of people aged 35 years and below (youth). The youths are a minority in the civil service.

c) The society has focused too much on the girl child leaving behind the boy child according to Professor Margret Kobia.

d) A lot of money meant to help the youth is being used on conferences and seminars hence missing the intended impact.

PETER MUNYA – CS nominee for EAC 

You told governors not to appear before the public accounts committee. What makes us sure that you won’t take the same disease to cabinet and ask the CSs not to appear before the various house committees? – Aden Duale comments to Peter Munya

The issue of misuse of public funds to fuel and maintain a person car arose. Peter Munya responded by nothing that he used his personal car as he was waiting for an official car to be bought. As a result he repaid Ksh. 262,000 which had been spent on his car.

MONICA JUMA – CS nominee for Foreign Affairs 

I do not want to be a CS and PS at the same time. I want to be a vision carrier in the ministry, always scanning for opportunities globally ~ Ambassador Monica Juma

Monica Juma was previously the Principal Secretary for Ministry of Interior and Coordination and before that he held the same position at the Ministry of Defence.

Farida Karoney – CS nominee for Lands

Farida Karoney promised to give priority to digitization of land records to make it difficult for frauds to be committed.

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