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India has so far reported 16.9 million cases of Covid-19 only second to the United States of America. 


The new surge of Coronavirus cases has deprived India of the much needed oxygen supply. 


A total 2,767 people were reported dead in the last 24 hours. In  total 192,311 people have died of the virus so far. 


Relatives in places like Bhopal City have to wait for many hours before they get access to burial places. 


“We are just burning bodies as they arrive,” said Sharma. “It is as if we are in the middle of a war.”


At the largest Muslim cemetery in New Delhi over 1,000 people have been buried during the pandemic. 


Many people are dying as they queue to see the doctors at the hospitals across India. 


Recently, India boasted of being the world’s pharmacy and even the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, declared victory over Covid-19. This is a stark contract indeed. 

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Sharing is Caring:

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