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In this article, we try to answer the question: How rich is the British royal family? 

According to the Forbes magazine the royal family’s wealth is estimated to be $28 billion. 

The Crown Estate – $34.3 billion 

Buckingham Palace – $4.9 billion 

Diamonds and Jewelry – $

Balmoral Castle- $140 million 

Duchy of Cornwall – 135,000 acres of land managed to generate profit for the British Royal Family. It generated $26 million in 2021 courtesy of the then Prince Charles. The property is estimated to be valued at $1.3 billion. Prince William is the new manager of the duchy. 

Windsor Castle – $574 million 

Palace of Westminster 

The house is one of the most recognizable. It is on loan to parliament. Housing the House of Commons and House of Lords in Britain. 

Hyde Park – $22 million 

2 Bentley State Limousines – $22 million. The two limousines are blast resistant, their cabins can be sealed air tight in case of gas attacks, they are armored. 
Adelaide Cottage 

Tower of London 

The Tower of London is part of the Crown Estate. It is now a Museum. It is estimated to be worth $81 billion and it’s the single most valuable property in the Crown Estate. 

Duchy of Lancaster 

The Duchy of Lancaster is made up of 45,550 acres of land. It is estimated to be worth $748 million. Its net income is $25 million in 2021. 

The Palace of Holyrood House – $63 million 

This is the official residence of the monarchy in Scotland.

Sandringham House 

A private residence owned by Queen Elizabeth II. Forbes estimates its value to be $65 million.  

Kensington Palace – $630 million 

Hillsborough Castle – $92 million 

This is the only royal residence in Northern Ireland. 

St. James’ Palace – $690 million 

The Royal Lodge – $30 million 

This is where Prince Andrew (son of Queen Elizabeth) lives. Queen Elizabeth II gave the house to the newly married Andrew and his wife. 


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