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There has been tension between China and United States especially after Nancy Pelosi’s controversial visit to Taiwan. Nancy was a US top official to visit the island in decades and China had vowed to retaliate if the visit comes true. Taiwan is an island that China claims their own despite it being and independent country.


Despite China’s threats, Pelosi visited the island and since then, China has been conducting military drills across the island. Pelosi claimed that his visit was to set the island free. China’s navy is the greatest in the whole world, but China still wants to upgrade it following growing tensions between them and United States.


China wants to equip civilian ships with military capabilities as their plan to empower their navy. The upgraded civilian boats are capable of carrying large amount of people and heavy military vehicles.


According to China, the civilian ships are capable of carrying out military operations without drawing much attention compared to military ships. Over the years, China has been involving its civilian ships in military operations. Seems like the program showed success, encouraging President XI Jingping to direct some funds into the project.


There are also reports that Chinese civilian ships have been deterring other wooden boat from fishing in their fishing regions. Chinese civilian ships are made of steel while those from other countries made wood. This becomes a challenge because the countries involved cannot employ their navy because they are ‘just civilians’.


Recently a steel Chinese trawler crashed into a wooden Filipino boat. On the other hand, China has trained crews that enables them use civilian ships to harass foreign competitors.


Meanwhile, China has s remote controlled ship called Zhu Hai Yun used to launch drones and carry out scientific research and investigations. Zhu Hai Yun is also used in creating of military maps and submarine lanes.

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