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  • Rob Gronkowski catches a ball dropped 600 feet by an helicopter: foxnews; 

  • Florida House passes a bill banning abortion based on disability – foxnews; 

  • 82 people killed in a huge fire at Baghdad Hospital for Covid-19 patients. Another 110 people were injured at Ibn al-Khatib hospital. The fire is reported to have been caused by an explosion of an oxygen tank foxnews
  • A “bunch of people will probably die ” during mars mission – Elon Musk said. Elon is planning to have at least 1 million people settle on mars. Musk’s company promised to have people on mars by 2026. 
  • At least 1,000 civilians are killed by the police every year in the USA, a country with over 330 million people. Most of those killed are armed, threatening or committing a crime at that time. But cannot afford to have a world without the police. What we need are reforms. Read more on US Today

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Sharing is Caring:

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