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Christiano Ronaldo sent a message to Piers Morgan after his exit from Manchester United.  On the eve of world Cup, Christiano Ronaldo had an explosive interview with Piers Morgan which broke Hell loose.


In that interview Christiano Ronald made revelations about his club, manager and ex-players which did not seat well with everyone at the club and he was forced to exit.


Piers Morgan had text Christiano Ronaldo with a ‘GIF’ of William Wallace shouting ‘Freedom’ in the film known as Braveheart to which the Soccer star replied: “Free as a bird”.

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Christiano Ronaldo is expected to join a Saudi Arabian soccer club Al Nassr on a £173 million per year contract.


If he performs well in the World Cup 2022, he is expected to get a club in the Champions League in order to extend his legacy and record in the world of soccer.


‘It’s not about money at this stage of his career. It comes down to a burning desire to play football at the highest level, to break records and win trophies,’ he added.


‘And he has done that in more countries than any other player in history.’


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