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The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) is planning to introduce changes to the current football system. One of the big changes is reducing games from 90 minutes to 60 minutes.


According to Mundo Deportivo, FIFA are in search for ways to improve the game and will try a number of rules in the ‘Future of Football Cup’ youth tournament which will include under 19 sides from Club Brugge, PSV, RB Leipzig and AZ Alkmaar.


The tournament will feature five new key regulations. First, the game will comprise of 30 minutes halves. The idea of shortening the matches might have been borrowed from basketball.


In April, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez had noted that there would be shorter games during the European Super League before it failed due to huge resistance to change.


The second expected change is that the referee will stop his watch whenever the ball gets out of play in order to deal with time wasting attempts. There will be kick-ins instead of throw-ins.


The number of subs has been expanded from three to five. The main reason for an increased number of subs is due to Covid-19 pandemic. If these plans succeed, we will see unlimited substitutions being permitted.


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