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A father who was on holiday with his family in Spain had died while performing a stunt jumping off a cliff which went wrong.


The shocking experience was witnessed through a film which was captured from a boat where the man’s son and wife were filming.


The Dutch citizen, 31, was planning to make a 100-feet jump in the Malgrats Islands. This happened on Thursday 12 May.  



However, he miscalculated and took the plunge off the cliff, midway, he realized that he was not going to clear the sharp and jagged rocks down below.


He screamed in terror before falling on the jagged rocks and hitting the water below.


“Oh my God!” the lady recording, said to be his wife, screams.



According to media reports, the local authorities were called to the accident scene where they retrieved the body of the husband.


The man, his wife and son had rented a boat for the day to tour the rocks on the Malgrants Isles by Santa Ponsa and to film the stunt which ended badly.


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Sharing is Caring:

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