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A family in the Dominican Republic exhumed the body of their granny just a decade after she was buried.


Margarita Rosario was exhumed at La Colonia Cemetery located in Jarabacoa. The copse was found to have some skin, a head full of hair, and sufficient bones to be able to stand on its own with little support. This is according to what relatives told Jam Press.


A brief video was shot outside the graveyard showing family members holding the copse up while a lady dressed her with a white gown.


People crowded around the standing corpse after the exhumation. The local people were shocked by the incident. They were equally shocked by how well the grandma’s body was preserved over the last decade.


“She was a good person in life. That’s why she is still preserved,” one resident told media.


“Intact, incredible skin as if the years had not passed,” a third person said in the video.


A section of the community were not impressed at all by the exhumation of the body. They said that the grandmother had been disturbed from her rest.


“Now let the poor grandmother rest, wow,” one said.


The family never revealed the reason for the exhumation of the body.


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