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Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the ex-president of Tunisia who was over thrown, has died aged 84 years old. He died on Thursday Sep 19 while in exile in Saudi Arabia.


Before he met his death, he has stayed at the ICU in an unnamed hospital in Saudi Arabia. He was suffering from prostate cancer for several years.


The death of Ben Ali was confirmed by both the family lawyer and Tunisian Foreign Minister one Khemaies Jhinaoui. Before he was overthrown, Ben Ali ruled Tunisia for 23 years.


He left the throne a rich man. He is alleged to have run to exile with 1.5 tonnes of gold all stolen from Central Bank in Tunisia.


He ascended to power in 1987 after successfully convincing doctors to declare the previous president-for-life, Habib Bourguiba to be senile and therefore unfit to rule a country.  


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