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According to media reports, Ethiopia has reported it has finished its first-year target in filling the mega dam (Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam) which is being contested by Egypt and Sudan.

This announcement was made by the Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, office. The office said that they have collected sufficient water to start conducting tests of the first two turbines.

This action of filling the dam with water is likely to attract the anger of Egypt and Sudan.

The construction of the mega water commenced in 2011. Sudan and Egypt feel that the dam will pose a danger of reducing important water supplies to their nations. On the other hand, Ethiopia notes that the project is essential in her development and generation of electricity.

On Tuesday, African leaders held a virtual meeting to discuss the stalemate in Ethiopia.

Yasser Abbas, Sudan Minister for Water, told the media that Khartoum rejected “any unilateral step from one country.” Cairo has not made any public statement following the filling of the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam.

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