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Eric Andre, 40, shows serious body transformation. In the process he lost 18 kilograms. 

Eric Andre is an American comedian, actor, writer and musician. He is the host of Eric Andre Show. 


His net worth is estimated to be $4 million. 


Eric Andrew believes that you have to be “Psychotic or unemployed” to have Abs at his age. 


It took him six months to get ripped. 


“It took me six months. It’s a full time job,” he told Men’s Health. 


 “If you see any middle aged person with abs know that they’re either psychotic or unemployed, because it is a full time job.”


Eric worked on Abs daily. He employed a nutritionist and used an app to monitor his calories. 


“If your only carbs are Japanese sweet potato and sourdough bread, and you can’t eat after six o’clock in the evening, and you’re drinking a gallon of water, and you can’t drink any alcohol, and you can’t have Hot Cheetos — you start losing your mind,” he says.








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