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Delfi has been praised as the most popular in the Baltic states of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. 

According to Wikipedia, Delfi is a leading internet portal providing daily news from politics to gardening.


The website is ranked as number one most popular websites for Baltic users. 

Delfi was created in 1999 by MicroLink and sold in 2003 to Findexa company in Norway.


In 2007, Estonian media group Ekspress Grupp acquired 100 percent ownership pf the Delfi equities for a price of Euros 54 million.


The websites operates under  a single name in the three countries commonly known as Baltic States. The website has presence in Ukraine. The company operates bureaus in Stockholm, Moscow, Warsaw and Kalingrad.


The company publishes news reports from the Baltic News Service as well as from wire services.


Freedom of speech 

The fact that website visitors can anonymously leave their comments on all news stories, this website is a platform for debates on freedom of speech in the Baltic States. 


Some members of parliament in Lithuania and Estoni have proposed new laws to have Delfi and other news portals to be held responsible for the contents of anonymous comments. 


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