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The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is set to reveal the face of real ‘Felister’ after two women sharing the name showed up claiming to be the owners of Ksh102million. The cash is currently frozen by DCI after being identified as money laundering.


On records, the real owner of the Ksh102million is Ms Felister Nyamathira Njoroge, a student at Nairobi Technical Institute. But after two of them showed up, it has forced the DCI to determine the real Felister, who afterwards will be charged for money laundering.


The court through Justice Esther Maina directed lawyers of the two women to present them to the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA), after which they will be moved to DCI for identification.


The money was sent to the student by a Merc De Mesel, a Belgian Cryptocurrency investor, whom according to the student, the Belgian national is her lover. The funds were detected by the anti-graft agency who immediately froze the funds before transaction.


Meanwhile, one of the Felister is ready to have his identification date collected by the DCI.


 “She was in our chambers two weeks ago and we have liaised with an inspector (of police) for her fingerprints to be taken. She was under fear, but we got assurance for her and now she is ready for the fingerprints to be taken,” said Mr Nyangoro, Felisters lawyer.


The other Felister is outside the country with a new born and could not make his way into the country due to security reasons.



 “Our client is out of the country and has a child who has no passport. She is fearing for her personal security,” said Mr Owaga, the other Felister’s lawyer.


The funds have been in the frozen state since November last year due to incomplete data to determine the real owner and source of the funds.

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