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UK’s daily coronavirus death toll has dropped to 170, the lowest since a day after lockdown began.

However, deaths announced on Sundays and Mondays in the UK are typically lower than the other days of the week due to fluctuations in how quickly deaths are reported by care homes and hospitals.

However, UK still remains the country with the highest number of coronavirus deaths in Europe, now at 34, 636.

Sunday’s figure is the lowest recorded since 24th March when 149 deaths were reported. The evening before that, the UK government had introduced lockdown.

UK started easing lockdown restrictions a week ago.

At the same time, in Spain, the daily number of deaths dropped below 100 for the first time since the government introduced lockdown.

Spain, which introduced strict lockdown measure on 14th March, announced 87 new deaths on Sunday. The death toll was at its peak on 2nd April when 961 deaths were recorded.

Italy also recorded its lowest figure since lockdown began, with a total of 145.

More than 4.6 Million coronavirus cases have been confirmed globally with more than 312,000 deaths connected with the virus.

Source: BBC News

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