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Chelsea have overtaken major England clubs to sign Christopher Nkunku from RB Leipzig at £52.7m fee. They have been favorites and even went ahead to take him through their medical system before the actual signing.


Chelsea’s new coach Graham Potter had to bring in his own new tools to execute his duties properly. Potter won his first Premier League match against Crystal Palace but was a narrow escape. It was Conor Gallagher who saved the day.


Potter was assured financial support by Chelsea owner Todd Boehly and seem that the support is coming through. However, Nkunku will still play for RB Leipzig until the end of this season considering that the transfer window is closed.

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Christopher Nkunku
Christopher Nkunku in action at RB Leipzig 

The French international joined Leipzig in 2019 from Paris Saint-Germain and has won numerous trophies since. Nkunku will be part of France squad that will be representing their national team in the upcoming World Cup.


For now, Nkunku has got his focus at Leipzig to finish his contract at the end of this summer and the upcoming world Cup.

He said: “It’s no secret. There are clubs interested in me. 

“Yes it’s flattering, but it’s also flattering to have a club like Leipzig do everything to keep me as well.

“I’ll have to reflect and make a decision. The World Cup is on the way and that’s another factor to take into account.”

Chelsea did not start the season well but after Potter’s win against Crystal Palace, he could turn things around. Aubameyang also managed to score his first goal since joining Chelsea from Barcelona.

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