Land Value Tax revenue

22nd August 2018

Land Value Tax revenue In 1879, Henry George proposed through his book Progress and Poverty an introduction of Land Value Tax revenue. George had proposed that taxes on unimproved value of land should replace all other taxes. This means that all improved lands with residential and commercial or industrial enterprises should not be taxed. If […]

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hyper inflation in Venezuela

Hyper Inflation in Venezuela 2018 worsens

21st August 2018

Hyper inflation in Venezuela 2018 worsens Currently, there is hyperinflation in Venezuela (82,700% in July 2018) and here is an update on how much you need to purchase basic commodities: Venezuela is currently undertaking currency overhaul which will see 5 zeros removed from prices of goods. This is in response to the current hyper-inflation that […]

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The Philanthropic Ogre

Octavio Paz books

21st August 2018

Octavio Paz books  Octavio Paz, Nobel Award Winner and writer from Mexico, defines government as “el ogro filantrópico” which loosely translates to (the philanthropic ogre). This refers to a creature that: ” gives out subsidies and programs to supposedly alleviate poverty, but at the same time devours more and more of the nation’s prosperity through […]

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Immigrants built Australia

16th August 2018

Immigrants built Australia Australia has grown faster than expected and the Central Bank Chief Philip Lowe has said that Immigrants built Australia. This credited to their superior performance at their place of work. Immigrants built Australia and other countries are not recognizing that and they are becoming more and more anti-foreigners including President Donald Trump whose […]

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Kenya economic survey 2018

4th August 2018

Kenya economic survey 2018 According to Kenya Economic Survey 2018, in the financial year 2017/2018 the national government expenditure was expected to reach Ksh. 2.7 trillion. Development expenditure was expected to reach Ksh. 670.6 billion while recurrent expenditure was Ksh. 2.2 trillion. Tax revenue was estimated to hit Ksh. 1.4 trillion. This is the amount […]

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Private Public Partnerships (PPPs)

Learn about Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) Kenya

27th June 2018

This article explores the structure of Private Public Partnerships in Kenya. This is commonly referred to as PPPs.

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Argentine Peso Collapse


22nd June 2018

This article is all about the Argentine Peso collapse and the causes of that.

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Labor intensive activities in North Korea.

North Korea promotes labor intensive activities to create jobs

3rd June 2018

North Korea promotes labor intensive activities to create jobs Agricultural technology remains primitive. Visiting experts say they still encounter farming equipment from the 1950s. Just beyond the city limits of Pyongyang, farmers are still ploughing fields with oxen; women carry big bundles of firewood on their backs. – The Economist and, North Koreans are compelled […]

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Definition of econometrics


2nd June 2018

ECONOMETRICS Econometrics is a combination of economy, statistics and mathematics. Read More: Rising influence of social media on politics Sharing is Caring:0

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Edmund Burke

Edmund Burke on Social Change

2nd June 2018

Edmund Burke on Social Change “Social Change needs to be gradual, and cannot be implemented by top-down design oversight.”  – Edmund Burke  I’m aware of many socio-programs in Kenya which are implemented by top-down design oversight. These social programs will fail considering that there was no public participation in their formulation, implementation and oversight. Burke […]

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Hon. Isaac Mwaura, nominated Member of Parliament.

Hon Isaac Mwaura Criticizes weak efforts to fight corruption in Kenya 

2nd June 2018

Hon Isaac Mwaura Criticizes weak efforts to fight corruption in Kenya  Honorable Isaac Mwaura calls for tough actions against corruption. He is a nominated member of parliament representing special groups in the august house. Check Hon. Isaac Mwaura bio here. Read More: Edmund Burke on Social Change Sharing is Caring:0

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Noah Smith: Can machines predict downturns?

11th May 2018

Noah Smith: Can machines predict downturns? Since it has proved to be difficult to test downturns in the economy, Noah Smith is proposing we try use of machines for this purpose. Well it work? Find out here. Read More: Rodger Dudding, the man who owns 400+ cars Sharing is Caring:0

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Plans on final stages to create Kenya Mortgage Refinancing Company (KMRC)

12th April 2018

Plans on final stages to create Kenya Mortgage Refinancing Company (KMRC) The national Treasury of Kenya is leading discussions towards the creation of a Kenya mortgage refinancing company. This company will be registered as a limited liability company to be regulated and supervised by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). The KMRC will be mandated […]

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Unemployment in India

30th March 2018

Unemployment in India The millions of people sending in their applications for jobs in India is a clear sign that there is rampant unemployment in the country. “A lot of applicants are overqualified, and even PhD holders are applying for the technicians job,” said a railway official when briefing the media houses. Read More: Cat […]

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Manufacturing is overrated

14th March 2018

Manufacturing is overrated Many things have changed in the manufacturing field over the years. Currently, it is possible for manufacturing output to increase even in the face of decreasing manufacturing jobs. The fact that thanks to automation and improved productivity, fewer people are now need to make manufacturing of goods. Now you know that manufacturing […]

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Link between Stock, Sex and the Economy

14th March 2018

Link between Stock, Sex and the Economy According to Hungerman et al of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), there is a strong relationship between sex and the economy. The team of researcher revealed that baby-making activities in our bedroom can be used to predict the approach of a recession. Hence, the direct link […]

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sanchez Sorondo


24th February 2018

BISHOP SANCHEZ SORONDO PRAISES SOCIALISM Bishop Sanchez Sorondo of Argentina believes that socialism is the next best thing after sliced bread. The good bishop is currently the Chancellor of Pontifical Academy of Sciences. He believes that socialism is good and hence he dislikes capitalism to an extent that he praises China despite it’s crackdown on […]

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The Italian village selling homes at $1.25

15th February 2018

The Italian village selling homes at $1.25 Ollolai is an Italian village is selling about 200 homes at $1.25 each which is equivalent to Ksh. 125 shillings in Kenya.  They are selling them at low rates to lure new customers so that the town doesn’t become a ghost town.  The population in this village has […]

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Jerome Powell Becomes the New Fed Chairman

5th February 2018

Jerome Powell Becomes the New Fed Chairman Starting from Monday 5 Feb 2018 Jerome Powell will resume office as the new Federal Reserve Bank chairman. Powell will be replacing Janet Yellen in that position. He was nominated by President Donald Trump. Jerome Powell is a lawyer by practice. He earned his Juris Doctor degree from […]

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Photo: Mombasa County, enjoying the white sandy beaches.

Work and Leisure in Mombasa

2nd February 2018

Work and Leisure in Mombasa Photo 1: Jeff in Mombasa City discussing issues of Urban Renewal. Location: Tudor Pastoral Centre. Ten (10) old estates in Mombasa will be redeveloped. These are: Tudor, Khadija, Miritini, Greenfields, Changamwe, Likoni, Nyerere, Mzizima, Buxton, Tom Mboya, Kaa Chonjo and Kizingo Estates. In 2015/2017, Mombasa County government allocated Ksh. 70 million […]

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