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planned mining sector spending 2017/2018

11th December 2016

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Courtesy Call to Isiolo International Airport

20th October 2016

All You Need to Know about Isiolo International Airport  On 18th October, 2016 we paid a courtesy call to the office of the manager at Isiolo International Airport: Mr. Mohammed Lipp.  I have to admit that we were warmly received at the facility despite the normal security check-ups at the gate. At least we were […]

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The Proposed Crocodile Jaw Dam on Ewaso Ng’iro River

19th October 2016

Background An announcement was made in 2013 by the National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation that the “Crocodile Jaw Dam” will be built on Ewaso Ng’iro River at Oldonyiro in Isiolo County to supply water to the proposed Isiolo Resort City. The dam will be on the border between Isiolo and Laikipia Counties. Once completed, […]

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Our Visit to Kambi Garba Muslim Cemetery in Isiolo

17th October 2016

Kambi Garba, Isiolo Today we had a privilege to visit Kambi Garba Muslim Graveyard near Isiolo town. We paid a courtesy call to the oldest grave in the county. It is a grave site for one Muslim Cleric called Sheikh Said Mohammed who died during the second world war.              […]

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Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Silicon Valley Generosity

7th October 2016

The companies operating from Silicon valley have offered USD$300,000 for restoration of Haiti after destruction by Hurricane Matthew. The money was provided by by executives of Amazon, Salesforce, Google and DucuSign after being mobilized by New Story. Matthew Hurricane destroyed more than 3,200 homes in Haiti. New Story is planning to use the money raised […]

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Citizen Report Card, SDGs

The Citizen Report Cards

25th September 2016

On 19th September, 2016 the People’s Report Cards were published. This is a great initiative designed to assist citizens hold their governments into account. It is helping track the world’s progress towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The report shows that the world has a long way to go in order to achieve the goals […]

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Nairobi City, Traffic jam,

The Impact of Traffic Jams on the Economy

14th September 2016

The Impact of Traffic Jams on the Economy Traffic jams are common phenomenon all over the world. It is quite frustrating to sit in a traffic jam. It angers many people and above all leads to economic loss. Traffic jams have been reported to cause a lot of devastation in world’s largest capitals such as […]

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Nairobi City County Budget

PROMOTED CONTENT: Is Equal Share Equitable?

13th September 2016

By Geoffrey Kerosi The above infographic summarizes Nairobi City County’s budget for FY 2016/2017. You will notice that Ward Development Fund (WDF) valued at Ksh 1.6 Billion will be shared equally in all the 85 wards. Is this equitable? Is there fairness?  The equity topic is quite slippery. Most people think that getting equal share […]

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Northern Water Services Board Overview

18th August 2016

Northern Water Services Board serves seven counties in the North Eastern part of Kenya. These are: Samburu, Garissa, Laikipia, Mandera, Marsabit, Wajir and Isiolo. Most of these counties are considered to be the driest parts of Kenya. The board must be doing a great job.  The water services board covers over 43 per cent or […]

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World Bank and IMF Meets a Worthy Challenger!

1st April 2016

For many years the World Bank Group and IMF have enjoyed a monopoly in global development finance. Critics have always castigated the IMF and World Bank for having loans conditionalities focusing on liberalization of trade, finance and investment sectors. The two development banks have not been able to resolve economic problems in member countries. As […]

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Lawrence “Larry” Summers: A great economist by all standards!

22nd August 2013

Lawrence “Larry” Summers is an American Economist who was born on 30th November, 1954. He is currently a candidate as a Fed Reserve chair. Lawrence Summers has always been in the middle of controversies in his academic and political career. He has severally reached what others consider the pinnacle of life’s work.  Position Institution Period Professor […]

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