Agriculture in Kenya

“Better die than live in Kenya,” maize farmers Eldoret

30th September 2018

“Better die than live in Kenya,” maize farmers Eldoret Recently, the Senate Ad hoc committee for agriculture met maize farmers in Eldoret town to discuss the challenges facing maize farmers. Read More: “Useless wastes of life and animals” Richard Jankowski makes racist remarks against black people The maize farmers in Eldoret had a great platform […]

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Photo: The fissure left behind by the bursting of Patel dam in Nakuru County.

Patel dam was allegedly built illegally

12th May 2018

Patel dam was allegedly built illegally According to BBC, the killer Patel dam was built without approval from the authorities. Read More: Europe plans to ban plastic straws and cutlery According to WARMA spokeswoman, Elizabeth Luvonga, the Patel dam was built without approval. The burst Patel dam released 70 million liters of water to homes […]

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This must be a new style of pruning tea plants. cited in Sotik.

Is this a new style of Pruning Tea?

8th May 2018

Is this a new style of Pruning Tea? Read More: The Mai Mahiu fault lines Now an Economic Superstar, German was once referred to as the “Sick man of Europe” Sharing is Caring:0

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Crop Failure is Terrible

8th May 2018

Crop Failure is Terrible “Imagine that a spell of bad weather wipes out a whole potato crop dramatically reducing the supply. The human cost could be devastating- the nineteen-century potato blight in Ireland saw crop failures of up to 30 percent, contributing to the Great Famine of 1844 to 1849 in which one million people […]

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Kenya Coffee and Tea export in 2016

Comparison between Kenya coffee and tea exports

5th February 2018

Comparison between Kenya coffee and tea exports A look at the Kenya coffee and tea exports will reveal to you that it’s true that Kenya exports more tea than coffee. Statistics from Kenya National Bureau of Statistics is an evidence. What happened to the coffee sector in Kenya and what can be done to uplift […]

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Tea Production in Kenya

Tea Production in Kenya 2017

5th February 2018

Tea production in Kenya 2017 Kenya is a major tea producer and exporter in the world. This article will focus on tea production in Kenya in 2017. The graph below below shows how the production level fluctuate from month to month. In 2017, June was the best month for Tea production in Kenya. Tea farmers […]

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Miraa Cess is a gold mine for Wajir County

1st August 2017

MIRAA CESS REIGNS SUPREME IN WAJIR COUNTY  The miraa cess collected is proving to be a gold mine for the Wajir County government. It is currently the leading source of local revenue. Revenue from this green gold is contributed 20.4 percent to the county coffers.  This is a clear indicator that miraa is a great […]

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Camel Raring in Isiolo County

10th September 2016

Livestock farming is a great business in Isiolo County. Over 80% of the residents depend on livestock for livelihood. Isiolo population is made up of the Borana, Somali, Ameru, Samburu, Turkana and Rendille communities. The Borana are the majority. There are 15 markets for livestock around the county. The 2009 Housing Census report indicates that […]

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Africa Food Prize

Dr. Kanayo F. Nwanze Receives the First Africa Food Prize

8th September 2016

Kanayo Nwanze is the current president of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). He is a Nigerian national with many years of experience in working at the global arena to promote food security. This is the very first prize awarded by the African Green Revolution at a Forum in Nairobi City. Nwanze has been a […]

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Miraa farming

Somali Ban on Miraa Angers Meru Farmers

7th September 2016

Until the time when the ban was made, Somali was Kenya’s largest export market for miraa. It is estimated that Kenya to make 20 flights to Somali from Nairobi to Mogadishu carrying miraa.  The Miraa is consumed by chewing. The Somali and Arab communities are very popular consumers. Some farmers of miraa own large farms planted […]

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Know Your County: Isiolo County

6th September 2016

Isiolo County is located to the Eastern part of Kenya. It has a population of 143,294 people according to the 2009 census. The county headquarters is at Isiolo town. The main economic activities in Isiolo include pastoralism, tourism and agriculture. Major Economic Activities  It’s clear that the county has prioritized the development of Pastoralism in […]

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Pig Farming in Nairobi City County

Financing Nairobi City County Agriculture during the FY 2016/2017

21st August 2016

NAIROBI CITY COUNTY Nairobi City County (NCC) is unique in many ways. It is the only county considered to be entirely urban. Therefore, the kind of agriculture practiced here can be classified under peri-urban agriculture.  NCC’s biggest share of the agriculture budget is allocated towards administration, planning and support services. This will receive a whopping […]

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Nairobi International Trade Fair 2014 is here!

28th September 2014

  Source: Nairobi Trade Fair website The Nairobi International Trade Fair 2014 is starting tomorrow, 30th September, 2014.  I have strategically positioned myself to report to all my followers on this important event for our country. Today, 29th September, 2014 I arrived at Samagat Hotel to be able to attend the 2014 Edition of this […]

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Symposium to Create Shared Value in Kenya Agribusiness

21st March 2014

The following is an analysis of various agricultural efforts made my counties around the country in Kenya. Read and enjoy! The content on this article is about shared value:  Nyeri County Nyeri County has a population of 693,558 people according to recent statistics from the county offices. She produces 6,000 MT of coffee every year. […]

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The Rt. Hon Hugh Cholmondeley, 3rd Baron Delamere, KCMG

10th August 2013

Born 1870Died 1931He first came to Kenya in 1901 to acquire vast land holdings from the British Crown. At home in England he left behind over 7,000 acres which he inherited from his parents in North of England.He first made his trip to Africa in 1891 to hunt lions in Somali land (at that time […]

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