Burkina Faso Premier, Paul Kaba Thieba, and his entire cabinet resign

The Burkina Faso Prime Minister, Paul Kaba Thieba and his entire cabinet have resigned from office.

The team did not provide any reasons for doing so. The resignation was broadcast by a television station by Burkina Faso’s president.

Paul Kaba Thieba is a former economist who has been holding the position of Prime Minister since January 2016 when he was appointed/nominated by President Roch Marc Christian Kabore.

The Prime Minister’s government has given up to pressure as a result of many kidnappings as well as attacks from Jihadists.

Many prominent foreign nationals have been disappearing in Burkina Faso as a result of those kidnappings and as a result many people had called for the Prime Minister’s resignation.

President Kabore thanked the Prime Minster and his team for their services and then announced that he will form a new government soon.

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