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Britain stated on Tuesday that she is planning to permanently deploy two warships in Asian waters. The country’s Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier and escort ships sail to Japan in September this year. They will pass through the area where China is looking for influence with Japan and United States. 


London is deepening ties with Japan which is worrying considering that China is seeking territorial expansion ambitions including into Taiwan. 


Japan which is a great ally of USA currently hosts the biggest concentration of US military forces outside the USA. That includes marines, aircraft and ships. 


The British carrier is reported to be carrying F-35B stealth jets and it is expected to dock at Yokosuka. This is the same port where USS Ronald Reagan has its home.


The British ships will not have a permanent base according to the British embassy in Tokyo.


The Queen Elizabeth will be accompanied by 2 destroyer ships, two support vessels and two frigates.


The ship will arrive in Japan through the South China Sea. Parts of this sea is claimed by China as well as other counties from South East Asia. It will make stops in South Korea, India and Singapore.


According to British officials, Britain will later deploy a Littoral  Response Group made up of marines who are trained to undertake missions such as anti-terrorism and evacuations. 


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