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A newly-wed couple shocked the guests who were attending their wedding when they set themselves on fire. This was a stunt to entertain their guests.


Gabe Jessop and Ambyr Banbyr who are professional stunt artists entertained their guests during their wedding ceremony. Following their reception they exited in frames just like Katrniss does in Hunger Games.



The couple pulled of the stunt using anti-burn gel and fire-proof gowns and walked onto the field with burning flames on their backside.



Ambyr (bride) was seen holding her bouquet up like the Olympic torch which the hubby, Gabe, waved at people.



The video in question was taken by Russ Powell (guest) he joke that:



“Ambyr and Gabe met on set, their wedding exit makes sparklers look boring.”



Many guests as well as online users who saw the video were surprised that the couple’s hair and skin did not burn at all.



“They both had anti-burn gel in their hair and face, then Ambyr had a wig on top.



“Remember, these are trained professionals, don’t try this at home.”


Watch the video below.



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