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British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is set to resign over dwindling support from his political party. 

Boris Johnson is under pressure from his Conservative Party to resign. 


The UK Prime Misters are not elected by the people. Boris is the PM because he is the leader of the largest party in the House of Commons. 


The Conservative Party will still be the largest party in the House of Commons and as a result the party will elect a new party leader and that new leader will become a new Prime Minister. 


If this happens, Boris Johnson, will remain the PM as the party decides on who is to take over. He will be the caretaker Prime Minister. 


The UK is scheduled to have another general election in December 2024. 


Below is a list of UK ministers who resigned to force Boris Johnson to resign as Prime Minister: 

  • Brandon Lewis – North Ireland Secretary 
  • Hellen Whatey – Exchequer Sec to Treasury 
  • Damian Hinds – Minister for Security 
  • George Freeman – Min for Science, Research and Innovation; 
  • Guy Opperman – Undersecretary of State at Dept for Work and Pensions; 
  • Chris Philip – Minister for Technology and Digital Economy
  • James Cartlidge – Undersecretary of State for Ministry of Justice; 

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