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Political commentator, TV Host, actor and American Comedian, Bill Maher has argued for consensual sexual relationships at workplace.  


Bill Maher was targeting firms that require immediate reporting of two employees who are having sexual intercourse with each other or relationships between supervisors and their subordinates. He said that sexual relationships between supervisors and their subordinates should be watched and not banned.


He argued that people spend most of their time at work and that is where they know people well and as a result they catch feelings and sometimes fall in love.


The actor and TV Host also talked about how a CNN employee, Jeff Zucker was sacked for having a consensual relationship with a 49-year old CNN executive even though she never thought it was a problem.



He also revealed if those rules ever existed in the past Barack Obama could never have married Michelle Obama.


Barack Obama was an associate at a law firm where Michelle was his supervisor. The actor revealed that she was literally “banging the intern.”


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