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The American basketball star, Brittney Griner, has landed in Texas after she was released from a Russian prison on a prisoner swap program. On December 9, the United States of America government also released the merchant of death – a Russian who was a dangerous arms dealer.


Griner, 32, was arrested by Russia on Feb on drug charges and will be taken to a nearby military facility for medical check ups.


The Baseball star was swapped for Viktor Bout who is also known as merchant of death. The Russian was serving a 25-year sentence in the United States of America. According to President Joe Biden, the swap has ended months of ‘hell’ for her and her wife.


The prisoner swap happened in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Despite the success, USA failed to gain freedom for Paul Whelan, who has been in Russian jail for nearly 4 years. The Joe Biden administration has hence been criticised for failing in that respect. 


Viktor Bout was arrested in Thailand in 2008 but was extradited the United States in 2010.  Before the prisoner swap, he was serving his 25 years in prison on charges that include conspiracy to kill Americans through the weapons that he sold.


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