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Australia is in the process of conducting investigations on visas of foreign tennis players following the detention of Novak Djokovic following their violation of vaccine rules.


Djokovic who is the number one tennis player for men was put under detention in Australian city – Melbourne. He was facing deportation and his entry into Australia was denied on Wednesday.


The tennis player filed a case which will be heard tomorrow, Monday. That will be before the Australian Open commences.


The Home Affairs Minister, Karen Andrews, was interviewed by Channel 9 on Friday where she stated that intelligence reveals that “indicate there are some individuals here now that have not met the entry requirements and we have to investigate that.”


The Minister did not reveal how many tennis players were being investigated or who they were. Novak Djokovic is a known Anti-vaxxer who in the recent past had been granted a medical exemption to play a tennis tournament for reasons which were not revealed and this decision was not taken rightly by many Australians.

The said exemption was given by two independent medical panels who were put in place by Tennis Australia. This is the body that runs the tennis event and Victoria State was also involved.


On Wed, Australian Border Force (ABF) stated that the Serbian tennis player had “failed to provide appropriate evidence” at Melbourne Airport.


“If he hasn’t filled out the forms appropriately then he’s taking the sovereign capacity of another nation for a joke,” Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce told the BBC’s Newshour programme.


“100% someone’s made a mistake and if he hasn’t told the truth then the person who’s made the mistake is Mr Djokovic.”


The state has criticized Tennis Australia for pushing aside ABF advice on entry requirements. Victoria also stated that Tennis Australia also failed to pass on the same advice.


This conflict has triggered the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to sat that Novak Djokovic was a victim of “harassment” and “the whole of Serbia” supported him.


Many people are also accusing Scott Morrison for politicising the issue. However, Mr. Morrison has denied that the visa cancellation is due to “any particular position in relation to Serbia.”


So far so good we do not know how long Djokovic will stay on detention at the immigration.


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