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At least 151 people have been reported killed and 100 others injured in Halloween celebration stampede in South Korea. The Country’s officials said that the deceased were crushed by a large crowd that pushed into a narrow street in Seoul.


The officials claimed that the number of causalities could increase since the figure was not the final tally, it was just an estimation. Meanwhile, 50 others were being given CPR on the streets.


The South Korean government deployed over 400 emergency workers to control the situation. The horror incident happened around the Hamilton Hotel, a popular site for partying in the city.


It is reported that the crowd was made up of 10,000 people. In a video footage, dozens of people could be seen being treated on pavements by medics.


Some people were trapped underneath dead bodies, forcing rescuers to pull them out. Others were wrapped in foil blankets to keep them warm after the crush.


A field hospital was also deployed to save the street with over 100 injured and in need of a quick medical attention.


Those who had lost their lives were taken to nearby hospitals while others retained in a nearby gym for identification. Over 2,000 families have reported missing members to the authorities.

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