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In the UK, it is reported that Amazon customer Mike Daniels aged 54 was angry after he was called a d**head in a delivery note by Amazon courier and the company was ‘dismissive’ about the entire incident.


Daniels had refused to give his date of birth to the delivery driver just to prove that he was 18+ because he was careful with his personal data.


After that brief encounter the courier walked off and left him with his parcel. He later found out that the courier person had written that the package was ‘received by D**k Head’ on the delivery note.


“In this day and age, he’s got all the information for me off the boxes. With my date of birth, he could hack my account quite easily and start ordering stuff left, right and center.”


‘We see it every day people being hacked or having money taken out of their account. I’m savvy in that respect.


‘I’m not being funny but U’m 54 years of age – I don’t like a kid. He could have easily ascertained I’m over 18 years of age for sure.


 ‘This is unacceptable and does not meet the high standards for our delivery service providers and how they serve our customers. ‘We are taking this matter seriously, and will be ensuring this driver does not work for us again. We have reached out to the customer to make it right.’ Amazon representative said about the case.


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