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Social reality of Chile. The country had the highest child mortality in the world.

Established the National Health Service which was second in the world after that of United Kingdom. 

During those years health was understood as a right. 

Primary health care was a responsibility of the cities.

Public system was serving over 15 million people while the private healthcare system was serving another 4 million people. The latter is well funded funded while public sector is seriously underfunded.

Lack of proper coordination and under-funding affects public health in Chile.

If you choose public or private health care system, you are not allowed to change in Chile.

Transfer of funds from public to private systems if four times higher.

Private pharmacies can charge as high as they want because there is no price regulation in Chile.

Generate profit by public health is through providing management services to the private hospital facilities. This is a new phenomena in Chile.

In 2019, a huge mass protest was organized to shift mentality of people that they do not have to pay for healthcare services. 


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