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I am a parent of a form two boy in Chuka boys high school. He is an adopted child after the death of my elder sister seven years ago. We decided to adopt this boy and had him fully integrated to our family. He is polite and hard working. He passed well in KCPE and was admitted to chuka boys high school.
I am writing this with a lot of bitterness after he was assaulted, injured and expelled from the school by the principal and his deputy principal in charge of discipline by the name Mr Muriuki. Another boy who is a nephew to the principal had alleged that he was suspected to be taking drugs. After he was secretly reported, he was then tortured to admit which he did not. The principal and the deputy went to the extent of removing his trouser in order to torture him more. His medical report and p3 indicates that he had many bruises at his back and buttocks. One of his testicles was also injured during that torture.
To ascertain the truth on drug abuse, the boy was referred to a drug testing lab by the name “elewa ulevi “ whose results indicated that the boy was drug free. Upon taking back the negative results to the school, the principal and his deputy declined to admit my boy back.
Due to the physical, mental and social torture experienced by the boy, he was adamant in accepting to go back to that school. He said that the physical torture administered to him by the principal and the deputy is a normal thing in Chuka boy’s high school. He also said that there is a lot of bullying by elder students and sodomy (homosexuality) to my amusement.
I am taking the issue of the principal removing a student’s trouser with a lot of concern. Might there be an issue on ritualism beyond the torture? Might this principal be also a homosexual who derives pleasure on looking at students’ buttocks? I’m informed that this has happened to many other boys in chuka boys’ high school.
I want to seek justice for this boy. I will not allow this boy to suffer simply because my sister is dead. I have assembled enough evidence which includes the medical report and photographs to launch a case in the courts of law against the school, TSC and the ministry of education. I will also call other parents of the over ten students who were expelled in an unprocedural manner to be enjoined in the case.
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Sharing is Caring:

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